• We write simple solutions that are easier to scale. We fight complexity with all our might.
  • We make mistakes. We try not to repeat them.
  • We put required effort in reviewing other's work.
  • We consider ourselves to be a highly effective team. We prioritize features to achieve high alignment with Cityflo's goals.
  • We over-communicate rather than assuming the other party understands what we want to communicate.
  • We understand how the product that we are building is going to impact our users. We are a part of the product experience.
  • We engage early in the product development lifecycle.
  •                                      Henrik Kniberg / Spotify — Aligned Autonomy
    Henrik Kniberg / Spotify — Aligned Autonomy
  • We want to be in the quadrant where highly aligned teams exercise full autonomy.
  • We are never told how to do something, we discuss and deduce solutions.
  • We follow the rules but also break them if we need to.